This is Geo Nerd, a blog which I hope to turn into an online resource for students and anyone with a passion for Geography.

Who am I? I'm an IB Geography student, in my first year at university, with a love of Human Geography.

April 25th

a message from fyzika

Hi there! I'd just like to say thank you very much for putting this tumblr up :) I've found your posts great for pointing me in the right direction when it comes to reviewing. While I'm already speeding along towards my finals, I think this has great potential to help future IB victi- I mean, students. Keep up the great work!

Thank you, it really means a lot that you’re finding all this useful :D

Finals start next week and I am in no way prepared! 

I’m hoping that I can carry on updating this blog after I leave school, so it can become a resource for future IB students - and geography students - but we’ll see. I kinda enjoy doing it, even if it is a bit stressful at the moment :)